With safety as our foundational priority, planning for the fall 2020 semester is guided by values of access and equity, community and connection, continuity, flexibility, quality, intentionality and transparency, and feasibility. 

What’s going to make this work is a very deep sense of personal accountability. We all have to agree to follow health and safety protective measures to help safeguard our community.

Everyone has to help. The college can’t police every facemask or six-foot gap. We have to commit to our shared obligation and help each other remember and look out for each other. We have to build within our community the obligation to follow these guidelines. But let’s be clear: those who refuse will not be permitted to stay. 

Guest Policy

For health and safety reasons, access to residence halls will be restricted. Only persons living in a residence hall will have access to that building. Students living off campus will not have access to residence halls. No over-night or off-campus guests will be allowed in the residential spaces. 

For their safety and the safety of everyone, family visits are not allowed. Our goal is to limit the amount of off-campus exposure for students, which is why we have cancelled the fall family weekend.

Leaving Campus

We will ask you to avoid overnight trips and to plan to remain in the Davidson area. We ask that you base your decisions, how you approach each day, on how it might affect the people around you on campus and off. Courses are designed so that any in-person meetings end before Thanksgiving. Students may leave campus at this time and they may not return until the spring semester. Some students may need to remain on campus through final exams. If this is your situation, please contact the Residence Life Office.

Every trip off campus that a student takes increases the risk to their classmates, friends and mentors.  We don’t have the capacity to monitor and regulate that kind of travel, but we reserve the right to require safety steps upon return, such as isolation.

Caring for Your Health

For purposes of monitoring the health of the community and providing students with care, a Symptoms Tracker App has been developed for daily self check-ups. The app complies with health information privacy laws. Any information you enter into the app will be viewed by a doctor or nurse at the college. All personally identifiable information gathered by the app will be deleted and discarded at the end of the semester. 

Values Guiding Our Decisions

We acknowledge that all members of our community will continue to face difficult decisions this year as we respond to COVID-19. Additionally, those decisions will be challenged by on-going developments and the course of the pandemic that may require quick shifts of direction. We share these guiding values as a framework through which members of our community view their decision-making processes, with the hope that it will ground us in the shared determination to safeguard the well-being of all.